Kianna Williams


Hello friends! My official name is Kianna Alexis Williams, Kiwi to some, Ms. Williams to students, and Ki to others. And with those various names have come different stages of my life, which have made me- ME! I am still learning the plans God has for me, but I do now know who I am in His Creation.

 At this point in my life, I am an Impact Substitute Teacher for Tomas Rivera Middle School and a volunteer for the Video Production Team at my church, Harvest Christian Fellowship. I am also working on my M.Ed. in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment through the University of Mary Online.

I have a few aspirations that include becoming an English teacher, writing a novel, creating a webcomic, traveling around the world, and serving God and people whenever and wherever I can. I have a deep love of learning, writing, reading, and drawing. In my spare time, I love learning different forms of art, reading, watching anime, and spending time in fellowship with loved ones and friends. 

I hope you will join us on this journey of creativity as we were created by the One Creator 🙂

What I Do
  • Graduate Student, M.Ed. (University of Mary)
  • Substitute Teacher
  • Video Production Volunteer at Harvest Christian Fellowship

Lichaela Maddox

Small Group Leader

Hey y’all! Lichaela here! I am currently 25 years old, a child of the Most High God, a devoted follower of Jesus Christ, a small group leader at Harvest Christian Fellowship, a twin, auntie to 15 (and to two, a great auntie), a daughter of two amazing parents who will do anything for me, and I the same for them, a dog mom to two beautiful pups (Anakin and Padmé), and… wait, this is a bio right!? Sounds more like a dating profile, huh 🤔

Ok, back to the subject! As mentioned earlier, I am a small group leader in my church, and I’m also a co-owner of The Twins Delights; My culinarian and pastry chef twin sister and I work together making delicious Delights for our Delightful customers!

As for aspirations, I would like to be used by the Lord to the best of my ability, help inspire others to do the best that they can, travel outside of the country, and if it is in the Lord’s will, to be a godly wife to a godly husband.

I love the Lord, His people and to use the gifts/talents that He provided me to advance His kingdom. Some of those gifts/talents include: art/drawing, crafts, encouragement, listening, understanding and bible study!

I enjoy spending genuine time with my family, brothers and sisters in Christ, and my friends, reading the Bible, watching anime and YouTube, going to Boba shops, and learning/ deepening my relationships with those that the Lord places in my life.

I hope that as you read each bio and the content on Inklings of Eternity that you are inspired by how God has used each one of us and our uniqueness to bring about the same goal: to know Christ and make Him known through the Wonderful Creator’s gifts that He has bestowed upon us!

What I Do

  • Small group leader at Harvest Christian Fellowship
  • Baker for The Twins Delights

Loriah Maddox

Name: Maddox Loriah

DOB: February 7th

Height: 6″

Weight: too much

Haha just kidding! I am so blessed to be a chef and pastry chef/baker. I own my own business called The Twins Delights.

As the name states, I have a twin sister Lichaela. Together we bake, cater, do custom orders like cakes, cookies, etc. for our delightful customers. Do we make everything? Yes and no. What do you mean? Well, we are a business with God on our side, so of course we believe we can do everything with Him.

However, with that being said, we won’t do everything. That includes anything that goes against the Word and contradicts what we believe. And that’s how I honor God through our business and share His Word through our Delights. Each item is prayed over fervently, skillfully baked, and lovingly made. As if it was made just for the Creator himself.

Obviously, as you can see this is my passion, my fire. I love to cook; I like to bake, and I love people. Some aspirations I have in life are to serve and share the Word and Delights with as many people the Lord puts in front of me, explore the world, be an apprentice to at least one chef or pastry chef, learn at least two other languages, open up a restaurant and bakery, be on a cooking show and competition, and become a wonderful wife and marry the man God has prepared for me.

I have many hobbies when I do get the chance to do them. I like to play basketball and video games, draw, watch anime, ride bikes, fellowship with friends, take trips to the beach, and give always. I pray that you enjoy our journey and join us as we use what the Good Lord blessed us with to give glory, honor, and praise back to the Almighty Creator.

What I Do
  • Chef
  • Pastry Chef/ Baker
  • Candle Stick Maker 😆 just kidding, I co-lead women’s Bible study group with Lichaela

“Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them: if prophecy, in proportion to our faith.”

Romans 12:6