Unplanned parenthood

By Lichaela Maddox

Look around. See the different personalities around you, the familiar faces. What would you have done, felt, or thoughts if one of these faces were never seen again? What would happen if you found out that one of us were assassinated and the client/boss was our mothers or fathers or whoever had the Bounty put on a life. What if the reason they did it was because they didn’t want us anymore, thought that we put too much stress on them, they weren’t ready for us, or that we cost them too much? How would you look at that person that put the bounty on our life? What would you feel? What would you do?

Some of you might not think this is even close to abortion but just look. I wasn’t aborted, neither were any of you. But just imagine all of the personalities, friends, schoolmates, and so much more would have been in this world if abortion was not even an option.

Some people may still have reasons for having abortions. It may be because of believing that it will end your problems or that you aren’t prepared for a baby. But answer this question for me; Mommas? When you delivered your baby, took it home, and cared for it were you fully prepared for the things that the baby did? Like when you were sleeping peacefully in the middle of the night or early in the morning the baby’s cry woke you or when your infant ran out of things while in public like milk, diapers, powder, wipes, etc.? What about when they grew older and started trouble at school, got hurt, or whatever the reason that called for you to change your plans and take the time out of your schedule? Were you prepared?

The truth is, for everyone, you will never be fully prepared for a child. We will never be prepared for many things that life brings our way.

So what do we do?

We take responsibility for our actions (like having unprotected sex)

We take responsibility for the things that happen to us, whether good or bad

We take responsibility for our unborn child; because you may weep from the unexpectedness, the unpreparedness, or the fear of keeping or raising a child.

You may grieve because of the rape that caused that baby to develop the emotional and physical pain you endured.

And you may suffer the pains of labor when delivering your baby, BUT, when you’re tiny, precious, life is born, your anguish will give way to joy because you have brought a new baby, a new life, into the world.
-John 16:20-21 

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